Creative Card Crew: Challenge 41 - Anything goes

2009-12-22 @ 22:05:21
This is my contribution to Creative Card Crew's challenge number 41 - Anything goes.

(Click to make bigger)

It's a mini-layout (a little bit bigger than 6x6 inches) with a beauty-treatment. The text is in Swedish so I'll translate it. =)

The headline says "Soft feet". The following text is a how-to-do-section.
"1. Pick a lotion and massage your feet with it."
"2. Take two plastic bags (non-used ones) and slip them on your feet. Pull the socks back on again and 20 minutes later the feet will be smooth. You can also do it while you're sleeping and take all of in the morning."

I've tested it myself and it really works!

I hope you get inspired!


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